Director:  Luca Vullo

Camera:  Giorgio Giannoccaro

Assistant camera:  Daniele Banzato

Editor:  Francesca Sofia Allegra

Colorist:  Sebastiano Greco

Sound Recordist:  Marco Parollo

Executive Producer:  Luisa Carnello

Year:  2015

LEAVE: Leaving is not easy, it takes risks and sacrifices; however, it may be the first step to find your own way; the path to achieve your goals. And, at that point, it will be hard to go back.

FEEL: Put yourself on the line like never before. Compete, be determined, believe in yourself and persist. Each achievement will be a conquest. London won’t give anything away. But in the end it will reward you.

LIVE: Giving your best you’ll achieve the best. And the best of Italy means creativity, energy, culture, passion; it means seeking the beauty where others don’t see anything. It means to get where others did not expect you to.